To make the world a healthier place.

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Hi everyone! My name is Hannah and I am a student of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Connecticut, GO HUSKIES! I am an aspiring Physician's Assistant with an absolute passion for health and nutrition. I initially created this blog in order to keep myself motivated to stay healthy, but once I started getting questions in my inbox about heath, fitness and nutrition, I realized that this blog is now for my awesome followers. My hope and dream is to help get people on the healthy track and to cure people of illness, and this is my first big step! So please, if you every have any questions, or need advice on nutrition, fitness or just life in general, please feel free, I am always here to give advice!

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What are you going to do? Look back at college and think, “wow college was awesome, I smoked so much weed, I partied so hard.”? 

You’ll regret that.  You want to look back and think “I worked so hard and I did so well.” 

I’m here to get my shit done.  To work my ass off so then I can set myself up for a lifetime of success, comfort, security and happiness. 

Being in the “in crowd” must be great - but it won’t get you anywhere in life. Don’t stray from your values just to fit in.